CampingSorrento / Amalfi Coast

Villaggio Nettuno is the only resort on Sorrento Coast that boasts a beachfront campground. The dedicated area for campers and caravans is easily accessible, shaded, and just a few steps away from the sea (the closest tent spot is only 5 meters from the beach). There are no restrictions of any kind for accessing our campground, neither for campers nor for caravans. The transit ban only applies to the road leading to Positano/Amalfi, not to reaching us. Its privileged location allows for a nature-filled and relaxing vacation experience.

Nettuno Camping also offers different services: free hot showers, camper services, private access to the beach (free and with paid services). It is also possible to organize barbecues, and pets are allowed.

For those who wish to experience camping in the paradise of the Amalfi Coast, Villaggio Nettuno is the ideal place for an unforgettable experience set against the backdrop of the natural landscape of the Punta Campanella nature reserve.

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